Frederik Pohl Quotes

A collection of quotes by Frederik Pohl.

Frederik Pohl was an American science fiction writer, editor, and literary agent, born on November 26, 1919, in New York City. He became one of the most influential figures in the science fiction genre, known for his captivating storytelling and innovative ideas.

Pohl began his writing career in the late 1930s, contributing to various science fiction magazines. However, his writing was interrupted by World War II, where he served in the United States Army from 1943 to 1945. After the war, he resumed his writing career, and in the 1950s, he formed a highly successful writing partnership with Cyril M. Kornbluth, producing several notable works together.

Aside from writing, Pohl also had a significant impact on science fiction as an editor. He served as the editor of various science fiction magazines, such as Galaxy Science Fiction and If, where he discovered and promoted many talented authors. His editorial work helped shape the genre and the careers of numerous sci-fi writers.

Pohl's own literary achievements include several award-winning novels and short stories. His notable works include "The Space Merchants," written with Kornbluth, and solo novels like "Gateway," which won the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards.

Frederik Pohl passed away on September 2, 2013, leaving behind a rich legacy in science fiction literature and a lasting impact on the genre as a whole.