George Crabbe Quotes

A collection of quotes by George Crabbe.

George Crabbe was a notable English poet and clergyman, best known for his realistic and descriptive verse. He was born on December 24, 1754, in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England. Crabbe had a difficult upbringing, with his parents struggling financially. He was apprenticed to a surgeon at a young age but found poetry to be his true passion.

Crabbe gained recognition with the publication of his first major work, "The Village," in 1783. This poem portrayed the harsh realities of rural life, reflecting the social and economic disparities of the time. His subsequent works continued to explore similar themes, delving into the lives and struggles of ordinary people.

In 1805, Crabbe was ordained as a clergyman and became the curate of Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He later moved to Muston, Leicestershire, and eventually to Rendham, Suffolk, where he served as a rector. Despite his clerical duties, Crabbe continued to write poetry, churning out several collections throughout his life.

Crabbe's writing style was characterized by its vivid descriptions, detailed observations, and honest portrayal of human emotions. He did not shy away from addressing social issues and the darker aspects of life. His poems were influential in the development of literary realism in England.

George Crabbe passed away on February 3, 1832, leaving a significant impact on English literature. His works continue to be studied and appreciated, highlighting his skill in capturing the essence of human experience.