Graham Greene Quotes

A collection of quotes by Graham Greene.

Graham Greene (1904-1991) was a renowned British novelist, playwright, and journalist. Born in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, he developed a deep passion for writing at a young age. Greene attended Oxford University, where he edited the student magazine Cherwell and gained a reputation as a talented writer. His early works were political in nature, reflecting his own experiences and observations of the world.

Greene's literary career flourished throughout the 1930s and 1940s. He authored several notable novels, including "Brighton Rock" (1938), "The Power and the Glory" (1940), and "The Heart of the Matter" (1948), which established him as a major force in the literary world. Known for his distinct blend of suspense, moral ambiguity, and exploration of human complexities, Greene's writing often delved into themes of Catholicism, espionage, and political turmoil.

Beyond his achievements as a novelist, Greene was also an accomplished playwright and screenwriter. Some of his notable works include "The Third Man" (1949), which he adapted into a successful film screenplay.

Graham Greene's literary contributions earned him numerous accolades, including the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, the Order of Merit, and the Jerusalem Prize for the Freedom of the Individual in Society. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential British authors of the 20th century, with his works continuing to captivate readers worldwide.