Harlan Coben Quotes

A collection of quotes by Harlan Coben.

Harlan Coben is an acclaimed American author known for his thrilling and suspenseful novels. Born on January 4, 1962, in Newark, New Jersey, Coben developed a passion for writing at a young age. He attended Amherst College, where he studied political science.

Coben's breakthrough came with the publication of his first novel, "Play Dead," in 1990. Since then, he has written numerous bestselling books, many of which feature recurring characters such as Myron Bolitar and Windsor Horne Lockwood III. His works often intertwine crime, mystery, and family drama, keeping readers hooked with their unpredictable twists and turns.

Over the years, Coben's storytelling skills have been widely recognized, as he has received several prestigious awards for his works. Notably, he has been honored with the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award, and the Anthony Award, all considered top prizes within the mystery and thriller genres.

Coben's novels have been translated into multiple languages, reaching a global audience eager to delve into his gripping narratives. Some of his most well-known books include "Tell No One," "The Woods," and "The Stranger," which was adapted into a popular Netflix series.

With his compelling storytelling, Harlan Coben has become a significant figure in contemporary suspense fiction, captivating readers with his intricately plotted and suspenseful tales.