Havelock Ellis Quotes

A collection of quotes by Havelock Ellis.

Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) was an English physician, writer, and social reformer best known for his groundbreaking work in the fields of human sexuality and psychology. He was born in Croydon, Surrey, and later studied medicine at the University of London, qualifying as a physician in 1881.

Ellis dedicated his career to challenging the prevailing Victorian views on sexual matters and advocating for greater understanding and acceptance of human sexuality. In 1897, he published his most influential work, "Sexual Inversion," which explored homosexuality from a scientific and compassionate perspective, challenging the prevalent belief that it was a sin or mental illness.

Throughout his career, Ellis wrote extensively on various topics related to sex and psychology, including topics such as the psychology of sex, contraception, and marriage. His writings were often controversial and provoked intense public debate, but they played a significant role in advancing the understanding of human sexuality in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In addition to his work as a writer, Ellis was actively involved in social reform and co-founded the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology in 1914. He strongly believed in the power of education and open discussion to dispel ignorance and prejudice surrounding sexuality.

Havelock Ellis's contributions paved the way for more progressive and inclusive attitudes towards human sexuality, and he remains an important figure in the history of sexual science and social reform.