Iris Murdoch Quotes

A collection of quotes by Iris Murdoch.

Iris Murdoch (1919-1999) was a British philosopher and novelist known for her insightful and complex literary works. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, and spent her childhood there before moving to London at the age of 10. Murdoch showed exceptional intellectual ability at an early age and went on to study classics and philosophy at Somerville College, Oxford.

After completing her studies, Murdoch worked as a philosophy tutor at Oxford and became a respected academic in the field. However, her true passion lay in writing fiction, and she began her career as a novelist in the late 1950s. Over the next four decades, she published 26 novels, exploring themes such as love, morality, and the nature of good and evil.

Murdoch's writing is characterized by intricate plotlines, rich character development, and her deep understanding of human psychology. She often tackled complex philosophical ideas in her novels while maintaining a gripping narrative, earning her critical acclaim and a dedicated readership.

Beyond her literary achievements, Murdoch also made notable contributions to the field of philosophy, particularly in the areas of moral philosophy and existentialism. Her philosophical works include "Sartre: Romantic Rationalist" and "Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals."

Iris Murdoch was a highly regarded figure in both literary and philosophical circles, with her profound insights and profound ideas continuing to influence readers and thinkers around the world. She passed away in 1999, leaving behind a remarkable literary legacy.