Jeff Goodell Quotes

A collection of quotes by Jeff Goodell.

Jeff Goodell is an American journalist and author, known for his extensive work on climate change and environmental issues. He has written numerous books and articles, highlighting the impacts of global warming and advocating for sustainable solutions. Goodell’s writing aims to raise public awareness about the pressing threats facing our planet.

Although specific biographical details about Jeff Goodell are limited, his career has been widely recognized for its impactful contributions to the climate discourse. He has served as a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine since the 1990s, covering a diverse range of topics including politics, culture, and the environment. Through his writing, Goodell has shed light on the urgent need for collective action to combat climate change and promote environmental stewardship.

Some of Goodell's notable works include "Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future" (2006), which examines the environmental and social consequences of coal mining, and "The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World" (2017), which delves into the implications of rising sea levels on coastal communities.

With his expertise in climate-related issues, Goodell continues to contribute to the public discourse through his journalism, helping to shape the narrative surrounding climate change and urging society to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future.