Jeremy Taylor Quotes

A collection of quotes by Jeremy Taylor.

Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) was a prominent Anglican theologian and clergyman during the 17th century. He was born in Cambridge, England, and showed great academic promise from a young age. Taylor attended the prestigious Cambridge University, where he studied at Gonville and Caius College.

Upon completing his education, Taylor entered the Anglican ministry and became known for his eloquence as a preacher. His sermons gained widespread recognition and he was appointed chaplain to Charles I, the King of England.

Taylor played an active role in the political and religious unrest of his time. During the English Civil War, he was a strong supporter of the Royalist cause, which led to his imprisonment for a period. However, after the defeat of the Royalists, he managed to rebuild his reputation and continued to serve the Anglican Church.

Taylor's literary contributions were highly regarded. He is best known for his works in theology and spirituality, such as "The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living" and "The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying." His writing was marked by his deep devotion and profound insights into the Christian faith.

Jeremy Taylor's legacy lies in his theological and philosophical contributions, as well as his skill as a preacher. His writings continue to be studied and appreciated by scholars and believers alike.