Jerry B. Jenkins Quotes

A collection of quotes by Jerry B. Jenkins.

Jerry B. Jenkins is an accomplished American author born on September 23, 1949, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is widely recognized for co-authoring the immensely popular Left Behind series of Christian fiction novels with Tim LaHaye.

Jenkins started his career as a sports journalist, working for various newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune. He later ventured into fiction writing, and his collaboration with LaHaye on the Left Behind series propelled him to literary stardom. The series, consisting of 16 books, sold over 65 million copies and became a global phenomenon.

Apart from the Left Behind series, Jenkins has written numerous other novels, including the Precinct 11 trilogy, Riven series, and the Soon series. Many of his works fall within the genres of suspense, mystery, and thriller, often infused with Christian themes.

A prolific writer, Jenkins has authored over 200 books, with several achieving New York Times bestseller status. His storytelling abilities and his knack for creating relatable characters have captivated readers worldwide. Jenkins has also penned biographies, children's books, and nonfiction works, showcasing his versatility as an author.

In addition to his writing career, Jerry B. Jenkins is a speaker, teacher, and mentor for aspiring writers. He co-founded the Christian Writers Guild and served as its president until 2011. Jenkins continues to inspire and influence countless individuals through his written works, seminars, and dedication to mentoring new talent in the literary world.