John Berger Quotes

A collection of quotes by John Berger.

John Berger (1926-2017) was a British art critic, novelist, and painter known for his influential contributions to the field of visual arts. Born in London, Berger studied at the Chelsea School of Art and the Central School of Art and Design before beginning his career as a painter. However, his passion for the written word eventually led him to become one of the most renowned art critics of his time.

Berger's groundbreaking work, "Ways of Seeing" (1972), explored the relationship between visual culture, art, and society, challenging traditional ways of understanding and interpreting art. The book, accompanied by a BBC television series, revolutionized art criticism by examining how class, gender, and cultural perspectives shape our perception of art.

Apart from his work as a critic, Berger was a prolific novelist and essayist. He authored numerous books, including the acclaimed "G." (1972), which won the Booker Prize, and the trilogy "Into Their Labours" (1979-1991). His writings often delved into political themes, exploring the struggles of marginalized individuals in a capitalist society.

Throughout his career, Berger's unorthodox approach to art criticism, combined with his rich storytelling abilities, challenged and inspired generations of readers and artists. He left a lasting impact on the field of art criticism, expanding its scope and demonstrating the deeper social and cultural meanings embedded within works of art.