John Calvin Quotes

A collection of quotes by John Calvin.

John Calvin (1509-1564) was a French theologian, pastor, and influential figure in the Protestant Reformation. He is best known for his reformist teachings and his role in establishing Calvinism, a major branch of Protestantism.

Calvin was born in Noyon, Picardy, France, and studied law in Paris before undergoing a spiritual conversion. After embracing the principles of the Reformation, he fled to Basel, Switzerland, due to religious persecutions in France. There, he penned his seminal work, "Institutes of the Christian Religion," which outlined his theological beliefs.

Calvin's writings and sermons had a significant impact on the development of Protestantism. His doctrine emphasized predestination, the authority of Scripture, and the sovereignty of God. Calvinism, based on these teachings, spread rapidly throughout Europe, gaining particular importance in Switzerland, Scotland, the Netherlands, and parts of France.

In Geneva, Switzerland, Calvin established a theocratic system, aiming to create a city governed according to biblical principles. As the city's spiritual leader, he implemented rigorous church discipline, shaping religious and moral life in the community. Calvin also played a key role in the establishment of a biblical-based education system in Geneva.

John Calvin's theological ideas, intellectual rigor, and institutional reforms left a lasting impact on Protestant theology and its subsequent development. His legacy continues to impact religious and societal thought even today.