John D. MacDonald Quotes

A collection of quotes by John D. MacDonald.

John D. MacDonald was an acclaimed American author, best known for his crime fiction and thriller novels. He was born on July 24, 1916, in Sharon, Pennsylvania. After completing his education at the Syracuse University, MacDonald served in the military during World War II. His experiences during the war greatly influenced his writing style and contributed to the gritty realism often found in his novels.

MacDonald's writing career took off in the late 1940s, and he went on to publish more than seventy novels over four decades. His most famous and enduring creation was the series featuring the character Travis McGee, a self-described "salvage consultant" and detective. The first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, was published in 1964 and introduced readers to McGee's adventures, which would continue over twenty-one novels.

MacDonald's writing was characterized by sharp, evocative prose and his keen observations of contemporary American society. His works often explored themes of justice, morality, and the struggles of individuals against larger societal forces. His skillful storytelling and complex characters made him highly regarded among both readers and critics alike.

Throughout his career, MacDonald received numerous awards and recognitions. His novel The Green Ripper won the National Book Award for Best Mystery Novel in 1980. In addition to his crime fiction, MacDonald also wrote standalone novels and non-fiction works.

John D. MacDonald passed away on December 28, 1986, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leaving behind a rich and influential literary legacy.