Joseph Campbell Quotes

A collection of quotes by Joseph Campbell.

Joseph Campbell was an influential American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, known for his groundbreaking work in comparative mythology and the concept of the hero's journey. He was born on March 26, 1904, in White Plains, New York, and showed an early interest in mythology and folklore. Campbell pursued his passion, earning degrees in literature, psychology, and anthropology.

In the 1940s, he embarked upon a lifelong study of global myths and religious traditions, including Native American, Hindu, and Buddhist mythology. His extensive research led to the development of his most famous work, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," published in 1949. In this book, Campbell introduced the concept of the hero's journey, a universal mythological pattern found in various cultures, where a hero embarks on an adventure, faces numerous challenges, undergoes personal transformation, and returns with newfound wisdom to benefit society.

Campbell's work influenced numerous scholars, writers, and filmmakers, including George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars saga. Campbell's insights into mythology and storytelling had a profound impact on Lucas, who acknowledged his inspiration and collaboration with Campbell in creating the mythic framework for the Star Wars universe.

Joseph Campbell taught at Sarah Lawrence College for 38 years and delivered public lectures and workshops globally. His other significant works include "The Power of Myth" (1988) and "The Masks of God" series (1959-1968). Joseph Campbell passed away on October 30, 1987, leaving behind a legacy of illuminating the common threads of human experience found within myths and symbols across cultures.