Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel Quotes

A collection of quotes by Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel.

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel (1772-1829) was a German poet, philosopher, and literary critic. He was born in Hanover, Germany, to a prominent family and was the younger brother of August Wilhelm Schlegel, another influential literary figure of the Romantic era.

Schlegel is considered one of the key figures of German Romanticism and was a leading figure in the Jena Romantics, a group of writers and intellectuals who aimed to bring together literature, philosophy, and art. He co-founded the Athenaeum, a famous literary journal, which became the platform for the group's ideas and writings.

During his early years, Schlegel focused on philosophy, publishing influential works that explored transcendental idealism and aesthetic theory. However, he is perhaps best known for his contributions to literary criticism. Schlegel believed that literature should be approached with a comprehensive and comparative perspective, emphasizing the importance of historical context and individual artistic expression.

Apart from his critical works, Schlegel was a prolific poet himself and wrote poetry across various themes, including love, nature, and religious devotion. His poetry often showcased his intellectual and emotional depth, and his style embodied the Romantic ethos of subjectivity and introspection.

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel's ideas on literature and philosophy played a significant role in shaping the development of German Romanticism, and his critical insights continue to influence literary analysis to this day.