Kate Millett Quotes

A collection of quotes by Kate Millett.

Kate Millett was an American writer, educator, and feminist activist born on September 14, 1934, in St. Paul, Minnesota. She grew up in a conservative Catholic household but later became a prominent figure in the feminist movement. Millett attended Oxford University as a Fulbright Scholar in the 1950s and later earned a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Minnesota. She continued her studies and obtained a master's degree in English from Columbia University.

Millett's most notable work, "Sexual Politics," published in 1970, critiqued the power dynamics and misogyny prevalent in literature and society. This groundbreaking book became a cornerstone of second-wave feminism, addressing issues of gender inequality and challenging patriarchal norms. In addition to her writing, Millett was an activist involved in various feminist and civil rights organizations.

Throughout her life, Millett continued to advocate for women's rights, addressing topics such as sexual violence, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. She wrote numerous books, essays, and articles that contributed to feminist theory and discourse, leaving a lasting impact on the feminist movement. Millett's tireless commitment to gender equality earned her recognition as a significant feminist thinker and activist.

Kate Millett passed away on September 6, 2017, in Paris, France. Her works and activism continue to inspire and shape feminist thought around the world.