Kenneth Scott Latourette Quotes

A collection of quotes by Kenneth Scott Latourette.

Kenneth Scott Latourette (1884-1968) was an eminent American historian and author, known for his extensive contributions to the field of world history and specifically Christian missions. Born in Oregon, Latourette completed his undergraduate studies at Yale University and pursued further education at Yale Divinity School, where he earned his master's degree in 1909 and PhD in 1917.

Latourette's pioneering research and writings extensively covered the spread and impact of Christianity worldwide. His seminal work, "A History of the Expansion of Christianity," established him as a leading authority on the subject. Through his diligent study and analysis, Latourette offered a comprehensive and balanced perspective on the history of missions, documenting the growth of Christian faith in various cultures and regions.

Besides his focus on Christianity, Latourette also made significant contributions to the broader field of world history. He authored numerous books that explored the roots and development of civilizations across the globe, examining their interconnections and influences over time.

Throughout his career, Latourette held teaching positions at Yale University and the University of Oregon, where he inspired countless students with his passion for learning and commitment to rigorous scholarship. He was a dedicated educator, revered for his engaging lectures and mentorship of aspiring historians.

Kenneth Scott Latourette's profound impact on the study of world history and missions continues to shape scholarly discourse today. He left an enduring legacy through his influential writings and his dedication to fostering a greater understanding of global cultures and the spread of religious beliefs.