Lea Michele Quotes

A collection of quotes by Lea Michele.

Lea Michele, born on August 29, 1986, in The Bronx, New York, is an American actress, singer, and author. She gained widespread recognition for her role as Rachel Berry in the hit television series "Glee." Her talent in singing and acting was evident from a young age, leading her to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Michele's career began on Broadway, where she earned critical acclaim for her performances in musicals such as "Les Misérables" and "Spring Awakening." In 2009, she transitioned to television with the role that would make her a household name: Rachel Berry in "Glee." Her portrayal of the ambitious and talented high school student garnered widespread praise and earned her several award nominations.

Apart from her television success, Michele has also released several solo albums, showcasing her powerful and emotive singing voice. Her debut album, "Louder" (2014), reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

In recent years, Michele has expanded her career into writing. She released her first book, "Brunette Ambition," in 2014, which became a New York Times Best Seller. She has since published two more books: "You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life" (2015) and "The Mayor" (2020).

Lea Michele continues to be recognized as a talented and versatile performer, and she remains an influential figure in the entertainment industry.