Logan Pearsall Smith Quotes

A collection of quotes by Logan Pearsall Smith.

Logan Pearsall Smith was an American-born British essayist and critic, known for his wry observations on human nature and his distinctive wit. He was born on October 18, 1865, in Millville, New Jersey. Smith primarily grew up in the United States but later settled in England, where he spent most of his adult life.

Known for his remarkable command of the English language, Smith published a collection of essays titled "Trivia" in 1902. This book showcased his talent for astute and often humorous commentary on various aspects of life, literature, and society. Smith's writing style was characterized by his sharp intellect, refined prose, and a unique ability to capture the nuances of human behavior.

Throughout his career, Smith contributed regularly to numerous literary and cultural publications, including The Yellow Book, The English Review, and The New Statesman. He became well-known for his incisive book reviews and literary criticism, earning a reputation as one of the most respected essayists of his time.

Although Smith did not actively seek public attention, his wit and wisdom gathered an appreciative following, and he was admired by fellow writers and intellectuals such as Virginia Woolf and H.G. Wells. He passed away on March 2, 1946, leaving behind a substantial body of work that continues to be celebrated for its perceptive and timeless insights into the human experience.