Lord Thomas Dewar Quotes

A collection of quotes by Lord Thomas Dewar.

Sir Thomas Robert Dewar, more commonly known as Lord Thomas Dewar, was born on January 6, 1864, in Perthshire, Scotland. He was a renowned Scottish whisky distiller, businessman, and Conservative Member of Parliament. Dewar's father owned a spirit business, which he eventually took over and expanded into one of Scotland's largest whisky operations.

As the head of Dewar & Sons, Thomas Dewar revolutionized the whisky industry with his innovative marketing techniques. He was known for blending whiskies in a consistent manner, ensuring a distinct flavor for his popular brand. Additionally, Dewar was an astute businessman, who successfully introduced his whisky to international markets, particularly the United States, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Besides his success in the whisky industry, Dewar also dabbled in politics. He became a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Scottish constituency of Tower Hamlets, Mile End, and later for the constituency of East Aberdeenshire. While serving as an MP, Dewar focused on issues related to the liquor trade and Scotland's interests.

Throughout his career, Lord Thomas Dewar achieved immense success and recognition. He was knighted in 1893 and elevated to the peerage as Baron Dewar in 1917. Despite his substantial achievements, Dewar maintained a humble personality and was well-liked for his wit and sense of humor. He passed away on April 11, 1930, leaving behind a lasting legacy in both the whisky industry and Scottish politics.