Marcus Aurelius Quotes

A collection of quotes by Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor who ruled from 161 to 180 AD. He was born on April 26, 121 AD, in Rome, Italy. Aurelius came from a prominent family, and as a young man, he received an excellent education in philosophy and rhetoric.

Aurelius is best known for his philosophical writings, particularly his book "Meditations." These writings offer profound insights into Stoic philosophy and reflect his personal reflections on life, duty, and the nature of the universe. Despite his busy reign as an emperor, Aurelius found solace and guidance in his philosophical contemplation.

Upon the death of his adoptive father, Antoninus Pius, Aurelius reluctantly ascended the Roman throne. During his time as emperor, he faced numerous challenges, including wars on the frontiers of the Roman Empire. Despite these difficulties, he is often remembered as a wise and just ruler who prioritized the well-being of his people.

Aurelius was deeply committed to the principles of Stoicism, advocating for self-discipline, humility, and the pursuit of virtue. His reign was marked by his efforts to promote fairness, justice, and good governance. Although his reign ended with his death on March 17, 180 AD, his legacy as a philosopher-king and his contributions to the fields of philosophy and literature continue to inspire generations.