Marian Anderson Quotes

A collection of quotes by Marian Anderson.

Marian Anderson (1897-1993) was an American contralto and civil rights activist who gained worldwide acclaim for her exceptional vocal talent. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anderson discovered her exceptional voice at a young age and performed in church choirs and school musicals. Despite facing racial discrimination, she pursued her passion for singing and won several competitions, which led to her breakthrough in the 1920s.

Anderson became the first African American singer to appear at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, breaking racial barriers in the world of classical music. However, her most notable performance came in 1939 when she was denied permission to sing at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., due to her race. This incident gained significant attention and led to a historic open-air concert at the Lincoln Memorial, where she performed to a crowd of 75,000 people and a radio audience of millions.

Throughout her career, Anderson performed at numerous prestigious venues and received numerous awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1963. She used her fame and influence to fight against racial discrimination and advocate for equality. Marian Anderson's remarkable talent and unwavering determination made her an icon in the world of music and a symbol of hope and perseverance in the struggle for civil rights.