Martin Feldstein Quotes

A collection of quotes by Martin Feldstein.

Martin Feldstein (1939-2019) was a renowned American economist and public servant who made significant contributions to the field of economics and public policy. He was born on November 25, 1939, in New York City.

Feldstein obtained his Bachelor's degree from Harvard College in 1961 and later received a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University in 1967. Throughout his career, he served as a professor at Harvard University, where he taught economics for over four decades.

Feldstein played a vital role in shaping economic policy in the United States. From 1982 to 1984, he served as the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Ronald Reagan. Feldstein was known for advocating for supply-side economics and fiscal conservatism, aiming to promote economic growth through tax cuts and reduced government spending.

Apart from his academic pursuits, Feldstein served on numerous advisory boards, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the National Bureau of Economic Research. He was also a highly regarded columnist, writing for various newspapers and publications on economic matters.

Recognized for his significant contributions to economics and public policy, Feldstein received several accolades, including the John Bates Clark Medal in 1977 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2019. His research focused on various areas such as taxation, healthcare economics, and social security.

Martin Feldstein passed away on June 11, 2019, leaving behind a lasting impact on the field of economics and a legacy as an influential economist and public servant.