Mary Wesley Quotes

A collection of quotes by Mary Wesley.

Mary Wesley (1912-2002) was an English author known for her witty and insightful novels. Born Mary Aline Mynors Farmar in Berkshire, England, she had a rather unconventional life. After her father died during World War I, she and her mother traveled extensively, living in exotic locations such as India and colonial Africa.

Wesley's writing career started later in life, and at the age of 70, she published her first novel, "Jumping the Queue" in 1983. This debut was followed by a string of critically acclaimed novels that often explored themes of love, loss, and the complex dynamics of family relationships. Some of her best-known works include "The Camomile Lawn," "Not That Sort of Girl," and "The Vacillations of Poppy Carew."

Wesley's writing was characterized by her sharp wit, descriptive prose, and her ability to create intricate and believable characters, often drawing from her own life experiences. Her novels featured complex female protagonists and delved into controversial subjects, making her an influential figure in contemporary literature.

Despite achieving considerable success and recognition as an author, Wesley was known for her modesty and reclusiveness. She rarely gave interviews and preferred to live a quiet life in the English countryside.

Mary Wesley's novels continue to be celebrated for their engaging storytelling and perceptive examination of human nature. She left behind an esteemed literary legacy, with her works consistently being regarded as modern classics.