Maurice Sendak Quotes

A collection of quotes by Maurice Sendak.

Maurice Sendak (1928-2012) was an acclaimed American author and illustrator best known for his iconic children's picture book, "Where the Wild Things Are." He was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Polish-Jewish immigrant parents. Sendak discovered his love for drawing at a young age and decided to pursue a career in illustration.

In the 1950s, he collaborated with various authors in creating illustrations for children's books. However, it was in 1963 that Sendak's career skyrocketed with the publication of "Where the Wild Things Are." This groundbreaking book, which he both wrote and illustrated, challenged the traditional notions of children's literature. With its dark and imaginative illustrations and a story that delves into the feelings of a young boy, the book became an instant classic and garnered numerous awards.

Sendak continued to produce beloved works, such as "In the Night Kitchen" and "Outside Over There," which further showcased his unique storytelling and distinctive style. Throughout his career, he received multiple awards and honors, including the prestigious Caldecott Medal. Sendak's work has had a lasting impact on children's literature, inspiring generations of readers and fellow authors.

Maurice Sendak's contributions to the field of children's literature go beyond his distinctive illustrations and captivating stories. He expanded the boundaries of what children's books can explore, challenging conventional narratives and addressing complex emotions. His work continues to inspire and delight readers of all ages, ensuring his legacy as one of the most influential and celebrated authors and illustrators of all time.