Muriel Rukeyser Quotes

A collection of quotes by Muriel Rukeyser.

Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980) was an American poet, activist, and biographer. Born on December 15, 1913, in New York City, Rukeyser displayed immense talent and passion for writing from a very young age. She went on to study at Vassar College and Columbia University, where she was influenced by some prominent poets of her time.

Rukeyser gained recognition for her poetry that tackled political and social issues, making her one of the key figures in American socially engaged writing. Her work often explored themes of feminism, racism, war, and the power dynamics within society. Rukeyser believed in the power of poetry to bring about change, and her language was known for its emotional intensity and lyrical beauty.

Throughout her career, Rukeyser published numerous collections of poetry, including "Meditations on Revolution" (1940), "The Book of the Dead" (1938), and "The Speed of Darkness" (1968). In addition to her poetry, she also wrote several biographies, including one about the scientist Willard Gibbs, titled "Willard Gibbs: American Genius" (1942).

Rukeyser's contributions to poetry and activism were widely recognized, and she received numerous awards and honors for her work, including the Copernicus Award, given in 1976 by the Academy of American Poets. Her poetry continues to be celebrated for its unyielding commitment to social justice and its exploration of the human condition. Muriel Rukeyser passed away on February 12, 1980, leaving behind a powerful legacy in American letters.