Ninon De L'Enclos Quotes

A collection of quotes by Ninon De L'Enclos.

Ninon de l'Enclos was a prominent French courtesan, intellectual, and influential figure in the 17th century. She was born on November 10, 1620, in Paris, France. Known for her charm, wit, and beauty, Ninon had a reputation as one of the most sought-after and sophisticated women of her time.

Ninon's salon became a gathering place for intellectuals, artists, and writers, where lively discussions on philosophy, literature, and politics took place. She was admired not only for her physical allure but also for her intelligence and wit, which drew the attention of many notable figures, including powerful aristocrats and even kings.

Throughout her life, Ninon maintained her independence and refused to be tied down to one man. She had numerous lovers, forming relationships with influential figures such as the Marquis de Sévigné and the future Cardinal Richelieu.

Ninon's longevity and ability to maintain her allure even in her later years contributed to her legendary status. She was celebrated for her worldly wisdom and unconventional views on love and relationships, challenging societal norms of the time.

Ninon de l'Enclos passed away on October 17, 1705, at the age of 84. Her life and accomplishments continue to fascinate historians and scholars, making her an enduring symbol of female empowerment and intellectual freedom.