Og Mandino Quotes

A collection of quotes by Og Mandino.

Og Mandino was an American author best known for his inspirational and self-help books. He was born in 1923 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Mandino had a challenging early life, as he had faced personal and financial difficulties, including alcoholism and the loss of his job. However, his life took a significant turn when he picked up a self-help book from a library and felt inspired to change his circumstances.

Mandino's most famous work is his debut book, "The Greatest Salesman in the World," published in 1968. It became an instant success and has since sold millions of copies worldwide. The book offers valuable insights and lessons on achieving success, happiness, and personal growth through a fictional story set in ancient times.

Following the success of his first book, Mandino continued to write other self-help and motivational books, including "The Greatest Secret in the World," "The Choice," and "The Greatest Miracle in the World." He believed in the power of positive thinking, perseverance, and taking responsibility for one's actions to attain personal and professional fulfillment.

Og Mandino's writings continue to influence and empower individuals today, as his books impart timeless wisdom and inspire readers to unlock their potential and lead more purposeful lives. He passed away on September 3, 1996, leaving behind a legacy of motivational literature that continues to impact countless individuals seeking personal transformation.