Ogden Nash Quotes

A collection of quotes by Ogden Nash.

Ogden Nash (1902-1971) was an American poet known for his humorous and witty verses. Born in Rye, New York, Nash developed a love for poetry during his early years. After attending Harvard University for a short time, he left without a degree and pursued a career in writing.

Nash gained popularity with his unique style of poetry characterized by clever wordplay, puns, and comedic observations. He published numerous collections, including "Hard Lines" (1931), "Good Intentions" (1942), and "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" (1938).

With his distinct ability to find humor in everyday situations, Nash's works covered a wide range of topics, from animals and relationships to human quirks and societal absurdities. His light-hearted, often satirical poems resonated with a broad audience and brought him widespread recognition.

Aside from his poetic endeavors, Nash was also an accomplished lyricist and collaborated with composers to write songs. One of his most well-known lyrics was the song "Speak Low" for the musical "One Touch of Venus."

Throughout his career, Ogden Nash wrote over 500 poems, using his unique perspective and wit to provide readers with delightful, comical insights into life. His contribution to American literature earned him a reputation as one of the most beloved and enduring poets of his time.