Orson Pratt Quotes

A collection of quotes by Orson Pratt.

Orson Pratt (1811-1881) was an influential American mathematician, scientist, astronomer, and religious leader. He was born in Hartford, New York, and displayed remarkable intelligence from a young age. Although he had limited formal education, Pratt possessed an innate talent for mathematics and science.

In 1830, Pratt converted to the newly founded Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), becoming one of its early members. He quickly became a prominent figure within the LDS community, serving as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and an important theologian and intellectual.

Pratt's most significant contribution was his rigorous and systematic approach to religious doctrine. He wrote extensively on topics such as astronomy, mathematics, and theology, producing works that combined scientific theories with his faith. His most notable publication, "Key to the Science of Theology," presented a comprehensive exploration of Mormon theology and doctrine, incorporating scientific principles and rational thinking.

Throughout his life, Pratt remained active in spreading his religious beliefs and serving the LDS Church. He embarked on multiple missions throughout the United States and Europe, engaging in debates and discussions to defend and explain his faith. Pratt's intellectual prowess and analytical thinking greatly influenced the development and understanding of the LDS Church, earning him a respected position among its leaders.

Orson Pratt passed away in 1881 in Salt Lake City, leaving an enduring legacy as a brilliant mathematician, scientist, and passionate advocate of his faith.