Ouida Quotes

A collection of quotes by Ouida.

Ouida, whose real name was Marie Louise de la Ramée, was a British author born in 1839. She gained fame in the late 19th century for her popular novels, which often explored social issues and advocated for the rights of women. Ouida's writing style was characterized by its flamboyance and extravagant descriptions.

Born to a French father and an English mother, Ouida spent her early years in England. She began writing at a young age and published her first novel, "Granville de Vigne," in 1859. Over the course of her career, she produced a significant body of work, including novels, short stories, and articles.

Ouida's books were innovative for their time, often focusing on unconventional female protagonists who rebelled against societal norms. She was critical of the restrictions placed on women and championed their independence and intellectual pursuits.

While Ouida achieved considerable success during her lifetime, her popularity waned after her death in 1908. Nonetheless, she left a lasting impact on Victorian literature, inspiring future generations of writers. Despite her works falling into relative obscurity in modern times, Ouida is remembered as a unique and influential voice of her era.