Pierre Corneille Quotes

A collection of quotes by Pierre Corneille.

Pierre Corneille (1606-1684) was a renowned French playwright and poet, widely considered as one of the principal figures of French classical literature. Born in Rouen, Normandy, Corneille began his career as a lawyer but soon discovered his passion for writing. He achieved great success as a dramatist during the 17th century, especially for his tragic plays.

Corneille's work reflected a shift in theater, moving away from the traditional Renaissance drama towards a more structured and rational form. His plays such as "Le Cid" (1637), "Horace" (1640), and "Cinna" (1642) showcased his mastery of complex plots, character development, and poetic language. Known for his exploration of moral and ethical conflicts, Corneille's works often depicted the struggle between duty and passion.

Corneille's contributions to French literature extended beyond tragedy. He also ventured into comedy, producing successful plays like "L'Illusion comique" (1636) and "Le Menteur" (1644), which further showcased his versatility and literary skill.

Despite facing criticism and controversy throughout his career, Corneille's talent and influence on the French stage were undeniable. His dramatic works not only shaped the theatrical landscape of his time but also laid the foundation for future generations of playwrights. Pierre Corneille's legacy as a masterful playwright and poet continues to endure, making him an integral part of French literary history.