Plautus Quotes

A collection of quotes by Plautus.

Titus Maccius Plautus, commonly known as Plautus, was a renowned playwright and comedian in ancient Rome. Born around 254 BCE in Sarsina, a small town in Umbria, Italy, Plautus is celebrated for his comedic plays that revitalized the Roman stage during the Republican era. Although little is known about his personal life, sources suggest that he worked as a stage carpenter or actor in his early years, before finding success as a playwright.

Plautus is estimated to have written around 130 plays, of which only 21 have survived in their entirety, while fragments of others have been recovered. His comedies were known for their lively and farcical plots, slapstick humor, witty wordplay, and vibrant characters. He often drew inspiration from Greek New Comedy and adapted the works of Greek playwrights to suit Roman audiences.

Among his notable works are "Menaechmi," a comic masterpiece about mistaken identity, and "Pseudolus," a play that showcases the art of deception. Plautus' plays were immensely popular and became a vital part of Roman theatrical culture long after his death. His influence on later playwrights, including William Shakespeare, is evident in the comedic styles and character types.

Plautus' exact date of death is uncertain, but he is believed to have passed away around 184 BCE in Rome. Despite the limited biographical information available, his lasting contributions as a comedic genius continue to entertain audiences to this day.