Plutarch Quotes

A collection of quotes by Plutarch.

Plutarch was a Greek philosopher, historian, and biographer who was born around 46 AD in the city of Chaeronea, Boeotia, Greece. He is widely known for his influential works on Greek and Roman history, particularly his collection of parallel biographies titled "Plutarch's Lives" or "Parallel Lives."

Plutarch's education included studying philosophy and mathematics in Athens, where he was influenced by the teachings of the Stoic and Platonic schools. He traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean, seeking knowledge and participating in philosophical discussions. Plutarch's writings frequently blend history, biography, and moral philosophy, as he believed that understanding and reflecting on the lives and actions of great individuals could provide valuable lessons for personal growth and moral improvement.

"Plutarch's Lives" consists of a series of paired biographies comparing a Greek figure with a corresponding Roman figure. In this work, Plutarch explored the moral and character traits of his subjects, shedding light on their virtues and vices. Aside from "Parallel Lives," his other notable works include "Moralia," a collection of essays encompassing a wide range of topics, from philosophy and ethics to politics and cultural criticism.

Plutarch's works had a significant impact on Western literature and had enduring influence during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods. His writing style, combining biography and philosophy, continues to inspire scholars and readers to this day. Plutarch passed away in the late 120s or early 130s AD, leaving behind a remarkable literary legacy that continues to shape our understanding of ancient history and the complexities of human nature.