Richie Sambora Quotes

A collection of quotes by Richie Sambora.

Richie Sambora is a renowned American guitarist, singer, and songwriter, best known as the founding member and lead guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi. He was born on July 11, 1959, in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Sambora's interest in music developed from a young age, and he began playing guitar at the age of 12.

In 1983, Sambora co-founded Bon Jovi alongside lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. Over the next three decades, he became an integral part of the band's massive success, co-writing many of their iconic hits and delivering stellar guitar performances. Sambora's virtuosic and soulful guitar playing style, characterized by bluesy riffs and melodic solos, contributed significantly to Bon Jovi's signature sound.

Apart from his work with Bon Jovi, Sambora released three solo albums during his career: "Stranger in This Town" (1991), "Undiscovered Soul" (1998), and "Aftermath of the Lowdown" (2012). These albums showcased his versatility as a performer and songwriter, exploring various genres beyond rock.

Throughout his career, Sambora earned numerous accolades, including induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame with Jon Bon Jovi in 2009. In addition to his musical contributions, he actively supports various charitable causes, notably advocating for cancer research due to his own personal experience with the disease.

Although he departed from Bon Jovi in 2013 to focus on his solo career, Richie Sambora's impact on rock music continues to resonate, and he remains a celebrated figure in the music industry.