Robert G. Ingersoll Quotes

A collection of quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll.

Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1899) was an American lawyer, political leader, and orator, widely known for his advocacy of secularism and agnosticism. Born in Dresden, New York, Ingersoll began his career as a lawyer and quickly gained recognition for his charismatic and persuasive speaking abilities. Often referred to as "The Great Agnostic," he became famous for his public speeches on topics like religion, science, and women's rights.

Throughout his life, Ingersoll strongly opposed the influence of organized religion on society and championed the separation of church and state. He was a vocal critic of religious dogma and the idea of divine revelation. Ingersoll argued that humans should rely on reason and evidence instead of blind faith. These ideas made him a contentious figure during his time, yet he continued to gain a significant following.

Ingersoll's speeches, known for their wit, eloquence, and humor, attracted large audiences across the country. His advocacy for religious skepticism and his position on controversial social issues — including opposition to slavery and support for women's suffrage — brought him both admiration and condemnation.

Despite facing considerable criticism and social ostracization, Robert G. Ingersoll remained steadfast in his beliefs and continuous advocacy for secular humanism until his death in 1899. He left a lasting impact on American society and thought, influencing subsequent generations of agnostics, freethinkers, and secular activists.