Robertson Davies Quotes

A collection of quotes by Robertson Davies.

Robertson Davies (1913-1995) was a celebrated Canadian novelist, playwright, critic, and journalist. Born on August 28, 1913, in Thamesville, Ontario, Davies developed a deep love for literature from an early age. He pursued his education at several prestigious institutions, including Upper Canada College and the University of Oxford in England.

Davies began his career as an actor and playwright before transitioning to journalism in the 1940s. He worked as an editor for the Peterborough Examiner and the Saturday Night magazine, where he gained recognition for his insightful literary reviews. Alongside his journalism, Davies continued to write plays and novels.

In the late 1950s, Davies published his first novel, "The Salterton Trilogy," which earned critical acclaim and established his reputation as a talented writer. He went on to write several other notable works, including the critically acclaimed "Fifth Business" (1970), "The Deptford Trilogy" (1970-1975), and the Cornish Trilogy (1981-1985).

Davies' writing was characterized by his keen wit, intellectual depth, and exploration of complex themes such as psychology, mythology, and philosophy. His works often delved into Canadian identity and cultural history, seeking to unearth the country's unique narrative and place it within a broader global context.

Recognized with numerous awards throughout his career, including the Governor General's Award for Fiction and the Royal Bank Award, Robertson Davies left an indelible mark on the Canadian literary landscape. He died on December 2, 1995, in Orangeville, Ontario, but his legacy as one of Canada's most significant and influential writers lives on.