Rose Kennedy Quotes

A collection of quotes by Rose Kennedy.

Rose Kennedy (1890-1995) was an American philanthropist and matriarch of the Kennedy political dynasty. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she was the eldest daughter of politician John F. Fitzgerald and prominent socialite Mary Josephine Hannon. In 1914, Rose married Joseph P. Kennedy, an ambitious businessman and future U.S. ambassador.

Despite experiencing immense personal tragedies, including the assassinations of two of her sons, Rose remained a stoic and influential figure. As the mother of nine children, including President John F. Kennedy, she played a crucial role in shaping their political aspirations and encouraging their commitment to public service.

Rose dedicated herself to various philanthropic causes throughout her life. She established the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, which supported individuals with intellectual disabilities, and spearheaded fundraising and awareness campaigns. Rose also promoted the arts and culture, particularly within the Boston community.

Known for her poise and enduring spirit, Rose Kennedy embodied the ideal of political service and public duty. Her resilience during times of tragedy, along with her dedication to philanthropy, made her an influential and respected figure in American society. Rose Kennedy passed away at the age of 104, leaving behind a lasting legacy of resilience and public service.