Saint Augustine of Hippo Quotes

A collection of quotes by Saint Augustine of Hippo.

Saint Augustine of Hippo was a prominent Christian theologian and philosopher of the 4th and 5th centuries. He was born on November 13, 354, in Tagaste, Numidia (modern-day Algeria). Known for his profound influence on Western Christianity, Augustine's remarkable life journey encompasses his early years as a pleasure seeker and pagan philosopher, followed by his conversion to Christianity in 386.

After his conversion, Augustine dedicated his life to understanding and professing his newfound faith. He became a bishop of Hippo Regius (modern-day Annaba, Algeria) and actively engaged in combating various heresies of the time, including Manicheanism and Donatism. Augustine's theological works greatly influenced the development of Christian doctrine, particularly in areas such as original sin, grace, and predestination.

One of his most renowned works, "Confessions," is an autobiographical account of his spiritual journey. In it, he openly reflects on his early life of sin and rebellion before embracing Christianity. Another influential work, "The City of God," explores the contrasts between the heavenly City of God and the earthly City of Man and offers a comprehensive worldview.

Saint Augustine's intellectual prowess, eloquence, and practical wisdom made him a revered figure in his time and continue to shape Christian thought to this day. Often hailed as one of the greatest theologians in Western history, he is celebrated as a saint, a Doctor of the Church, and a significant force in shaping the Christian tradition. Saint Augustine died on August 28, 430, leaving behind a rich legacy of theological and philosophical writings that continue to inspire and guide believers.