Samuel Butler Quotes

A collection of quotes by Samuel Butler.

Samuel Butler (1835-1902) was an English author, satirist, and philosopher. Born in Nottinghamshire, England, he began his career as a visual artist and studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. However, Butler's passion for writing soon took precedence, leading him to publish various works covering a wide range of topics.

Butler gained recognition with his semi-autobiographical novel "The Way of All Flesh" (1903), which was published posthumously. The novel explores the struggles of a young man raised in a strict Victorian family and critiques the conventions of the time. Its publication was a significant success and is considered one of Butler's most influential works.

As a satirist, Samuel Butler was known for his wit and critical observations on society, particularly on issues such as religion, education, and evolutionary theory. His essay titled "Darwin Among the Machines" speculated about the possibility of machines eventually surpassing humans in intelligence, showcasing his forward-thinking ideas.

Throughout his career, Butler wrote in various genres, including novels, essays, and poetry. His works often challenged societal norms, both in his time and beyond. Although not widely recognized during his lifetime, Samuel Butler's literary contributions have made a lasting impact, shaping the realms of satire and philosophical thought.