Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes

A collection of quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) was a renowned English poet, philosopher, and critic. Born in Ottery St. Mary, Devon, Coleridge showcased his literary talent from a young age. He attended Jesus College, Cambridge but left before completing his degree to join the revolutionary movement in France.

Coleridge is best known for his collaboration with fellow poet William Wordsworth, which resulted in the publication of "Lyrical Ballads" in 1798. This collection of poems, including Coleridge's famous work "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," marked the beginning of the Romantic era in English literature.

During his lifetime, Coleridge produced a vast amount of both poetry and prose. His works, such as "Kubla Khan" and "Christabel," demonstrated his imaginative and visionary style, blending supernatural elements with vivid descriptions of nature. Additionally, Coleridge was a skilled critic, famous for his analysis of William Shakespeare's plays.

However, Coleridge's career was often overshadowed by personal struggles with addiction and poor health. He battled opium addiction for many years, which greatly affected his writing and productivity. Nonetheless, his contributions to literature and the Romantic movement remain highly regarded to this day.

Coleridge's legacy as a profound thinker and poet continues to inspire successive generations of writers, intellectuals, and scholars in their exploration of the human condition and the power of artistic expression.