Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes

A collection of quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress, producer, and businesswoman, best known for her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit television series "Sex and the City." She was born on March 25, 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio. Parker began her acting career in Broadway theater, making her debut at the young age of 11 in the production of "The Innocents." She continued to work in theater throughout her teenage years and early adulthood, earning critical acclaim.

However, it was Parker's portrayal of the fashion-forward and independent columnist Carrie Bradshaw that catapulted her to international fame. Her charismatic and relatable performance in "Sex and the City" earned her numerous awards and nominations, including four Golden Globe Awards and several Emmy Awards. Beyond her acting prowess, Parker also served as an executive producer on the show.

In addition to her success on the small screen, Parker has ventured into the world of film, starring in movies like "Honeymoon in Vegas," "Failure to Launch," and "The Family Stone." She has also launched her own perfume line, launched a footwear collection, and has been involved in various philanthropic efforts.

Sarah Jessica Parker continues to be an influential figure in the entertainment industry, admired for her talent, fashion sense, and entrepreneurial spirit.