Sir John Mortimer Quotes

A collection of quotes by Sir John Mortimer.

Sir John Mortimer (1923-2009) was a prominent English barrister, playwright, and novelist. He was born in Hampstead, London to a family of distinguished legal professionals. Mortimer initially pursued a career as a barrister, specializing in criminal law and defending various high-profile clients.

However, he became best known for his literary achievements. Mortimer wrote extensively for the stage, with several successful plays performed in London's West End and on Broadway. One of his most notable works was the long-running play "The Dock Brief" (1958), which also gained recognition in film adaptations.

Alongside his successful playwriting career, Mortimer also turned his hand to writing novels and screenplays. He created the beloved character of Horace Rumpole, an eccentric and witty barrister, who featured in a series of books and a popular TV series called "Rumpole of the Bailey." This series garnered widespread acclaim and established Mortimer as a talented storyteller.

Moreover, Mortimer's novels, which often explored legal and moral themes, were highly regarded for their engaging narratives and sharp wit. Some of his notable literary works include "Paradise Postponed" (1985) and "Summer's Lease" (1988).

Throughout his life, Sir John Mortimer was not only celebrated for his literary achievements but was also respected for his activism and advocacy work. He campaigned for various civil liberties causes and acted as a fervent defender of freedom of speech.

Mortimer's legacy as a multifaceted writer, legal expert, and champion of civil liberties earned him numerous accolades and established him as one of the most influential figures in British literature.