St. Bernard Quotes

A collection of quotes by St. Bernard.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux was a French abbot and theologian who lived during the 12th century. Born in 1090 in Fontaines-les-Dijon, Burgundy, he joined the Cistercian order at the age of 22 along with 30 relatives and friends.

Renowned for his exceptional spiritual and intellectual gifts, Bernard quickly emerged as a prominent figure within the Cistercian community. He led the foundation of several new monastic houses, including Clairvaux Abbey, which he later headed as abbot. Bernard emphasized austerity and strict observance of the monastic rule, promoting a reformist spirit within the order.

Beyond his monastic responsibilities, St. Bernard played an influential role in the religious and political affairs of his time. He participated actively in ecclesiastical and theological debates, supporting Pope Innocent II in the papal schism and successfully campaigning against heretical movements such as the Cathars.

Moreover, Bernard's impact extended far beyond monastic boundaries. He was widely sought after as a spiritual advisor, famous for his sermons and writings that deeply resonated with the Christian community. His works, notably "On Loving God" and "On Consideration," continue to inspire believers to this day.

St. Bernard is remembered as a theologian, mystic, and preacher of exceptional eloquence and fervent faith. His dedication to an austere religious life and devotion to God left an indelible mark on the medieval church and shaped the spirituality of numerous Christians throughout the centuries. St. Bernard died in 1153 and was canonized by Pope Alexander III in 1174.