Terry Anderson Quotes

A collection of quotes by Terry Anderson.

Terry Anderson is an American journalist and former foreign correspondent, best known for his captivity as a hostage in Lebanon. Born on October 27, 1947, in Lorain, Ohio, Anderson grew up passionate about journalism. He attended Iowa State University, where he majored in journalism and worked for the university's radio station.

In 1972, Anderson began his career in journalism as a reporter for The Lima News in Ohio. He then joined the Associated Press (AP) in 1973, serving as a correspondent in Asia and Africa. Throughout his career with the AP, Anderson reported on numerous conflicts and events, including the Iranian Revolution, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and various conflicts in the Middle East.

However, Anderson's life took a dramatic turn on March 16, 1985, when he was abducted in Beirut, Lebanon, by the Hezbollah militant group. He endured over six years of captivity, becoming one of the longest-held Western hostages in Lebanon. During this time, he faced various challenges and underwent physical and psychological torture.

Finally, on December 4, 1991, Anderson was released after extensive negotiations. Upon his return to the United States, Anderson wrote a memoir called "Den of Lions" about his experiences in captivity. He also became an advocate for press freedom and spoke out against terrorism, sharing his story worldwide.

Terry Anderson's courage and resilience in the face of adversity have made him an inspiration to journalists and individuals around the world.