Thomas Carlyle Quotes

A collection of quotes by Thomas Carlyle.

Thomas Carlyle was a renowned Scottish writer, historian, and philosopher, born on December 4, 1795, in Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Known for his influential works, Carlyle made significant contributions to various fields, particularly in history and social commentary. He is often regarded as one of the most important intellectuals of the Victorian era.

Carlyle's early life was shaped by poverty and hardship, but his impressive intellectual abilities allowed him to pursue an education at the University of Edinburgh. He initially studied law but soon abandoned it to pursue a career in writing. Carlyle's first major work, "Sartor Resartus" (1833-1834), established him as a prominent writer, showcasing his unique style blending fiction, autobiography, and social criticism.

Throughout his career, Carlyle delved into various subjects, such as the French Revolution, Oliver Cromwell, and Friedrich Nietzsche. His works were characterized by a keen interest in history, morality, and societal issues, often promoting the importance of heroism and the role of individuals in shaping history.

Carlyle's influence extended beyond his writings. He was a respected teacher and mentor, counting many prominent figures among his students, including John Stuart Mill. His emphasis on the significance of great men as catalysts for change left a profound impact on later thinkers, such as Friedrich Nietzsche.

Thomas Carlyle passed away on February 5, 1881, in London, but his works continue to be regarded as essential reading in the realms of literature, history, and social criticism.