Thomas Hobbes Quotes

A collection of quotes by Thomas Hobbes.

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was an influential English philosopher and political theorist. Born in Westport, England, Hobbes grew up in a politically turbulent era marked by religious conflicts and the English Civil War. He studied at the University of Oxford and became acquainted with contemporary scientific and philosophical ideas, particularly the works of modern thinkers such as Galileo and Francis Bacon.

Hobbes is best known for his book "Leviathan" (1651), where he presented his social contract theory and laid the foundations for political philosophy. In "Leviathan," he argued that humans are inherently self-interested and driven by their desire for power and survival. He contended that a strong central authority is necessary to prevent the chaos and violence that would result from this inherent human nature.

His ideas on the necessity of absolute monarchy and the social contract theory strongly influenced political thinkers and had a lasting impact on political philosophy. Hobbes' work was perceived as a justification for absolute power, earning him both praise and criticism. His ideas contributed to the development of modern political theory and influenced later thinkers such as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Besides his political philosophy, Hobbes held views on human nature, science, and religious toleration. He argued for a materialistic understanding of the world, considering all human behavior as ultimately explicable through physical and mechanical principles. His rational and secular approach to understanding human society and political governance earned him a prominent place in the history of philosophy.