Tom Hanks Quotes

A collection of quotes by Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks is an American actor and filmmaker, widely regarded as one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema. He was born on July 9, 1956, in Concord, California. Hanks' passion for acting was ignited during his high school years and he pursued his dreams by studying theater at California State University.

Hanks initially gained recognition through his television work in the 1980s, starring in the hit comedy series "Bosom Buddies." However, it was his role in the 1988 film "Big" that truly propelled him to international stardom. He garnered critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for his performance as a young boy trapped in a man's body.

Throughout his career, Hanks has delivered exceptional performances in a diverse range of films, spanning various genres. Notable among these are "Forrest Gump," which earned him his first Best Actor Academy Award, "Philadelphia," where he portrayed an AIDS-stricken lawyer, and "Saving Private Ryan," in which he portrayed a World War II captain. Hanks has since continued to impress with his versatility, bringing iconic characters to life in films like "Cast Away," "Catch Me If You Can," and "Captain Phillips."

Aside from his acting prowess, Hanks has successfully transitioned into directing and producing. His directorial debut came with the film "That Thing You Do!" in 1996, and he has produced numerous critically acclaimed projects, including the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific."

Known for his warm and relatable on-screen presence, Hanks has become a beloved figure in the film industry, earning him the label of "America's Dad." He has amassed a multitude of awards and accolades, including two Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hanks continues to captivate audiences around the world and remains an influential figure in the entertainment industry.