Tony Campolo Quotes

A collection of quotes by Tony Campolo.

Tony Campolo is an American pastor, author, and sociologist. Born on February 25, 1935, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Campolo dedicated his life to serving others and advocating for social justice. He grew up in a working-class home and eventually earned his Ph.D. in sociology from the Temple University in 1962.

Campolo became a prominent figure in the evangelical Christian community, known for his dynamic preaching style and passionate message of love, compassion, and equality. He co-founded the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE) and the Red Letter Christians movement, which seeks to apply Jesus' teachings to contemporary social issues.

Throughout his career, Campolo has authored over 35 books, addressing a wide range of topics, including faith, spirituality, social justice, and leadership. His writings often challenge traditional religious and political beliefs, encouraging readers to engage with the world and impact it positively.

In addition to his writing, Campolo has been actively involved in various humanitarian efforts, working to alleviate poverty, combat racism, and promote peace. He has served as a spiritual advisor to political leaders, including President Bill Clinton. Campolo's influential voice and dedication to justice continue to inspire and challenge individuals of all backgrounds to make a difference and create a better world.