Uwe Boll Quotes

A collection of quotes by Uwe Boll.

Uwe Boll is a retired German filmmaker and restaurateur, known primarily for his work in the horror and video game adaptation genres. He was born on June 22, 1965, in Wermelskirchen, West Germany (now Germany). Boll studied literature and economics at the University of Cologne and later earned a doctorate in literature.

In the early 2000s, Boll gained international attention for directing and producing a series of controversial and often critically panned films, including video game adaptations such as "House of the Dead," "Alone in the Dark," and "BloodRayne." Despite receiving negative reviews, his movies managed to attract significant financing and even gained a cult following for their over-the-top style.

Boll was known for his independent approach to filmmaking, often personally financing his movies using an investment scheme known as "German tax shelter." His films often featured a mix of Hollywood and B-list actors, including stars such as Ben Kingsley and Jason Statham.

After becoming disillusioned with the film industry and the critical reception of his work, Boll retired from filmmaking in 2016. He went on to pursue a career in the restaurant business, opening several successful eateries in Vancouver, Canada, where he currently resides.

Despite the polarizing nature of his films, Uwe Boll remains a distinctive figure in the world of cinema due to his unapologetic and unconventional approach to filmmaking.