Yoko Ono Quotes

A collection of quotes by Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono is a Japanese-born artist, musician, and peace activist. She was born on February 18, 1933, in Tokyo, Japan. Yoko grew up during World War II and experienced the bombings and devastation of her hometown firsthand. Her exposure to such hardship and tragedy greatly influenced her artistic and philosophical beliefs later in life.

In the 1950s, Ono moved to the United States to pursue an education and continued to develop her artistic career. She gained recognition in the 1960s for her avant-garde and conceptual artworks that challenged traditional artistic conventions. Ono became associated with the Fluxus movement, known for its experimental and interdisciplinary approach to art.

In 1969, Yoko met John Lennon of The Beatles, and they soon began a deeply personal and creative partnership. Their marriage and artistic collaboration sparked controversy and public scrutiny, largely fueled by the band's subsequent breakup. Throughout their relationship, however, Ono continued to develop her own artistic career, releasing albums and exhibiting her work internationally.

Yoko Ono has consistently used her platform as an artist and activist to advocate for peace and human rights. She has organized numerous exhibitions and performances promoting peace and has frequently spoken out against war and violence. Ono's artistic and political contributions have made her a pivotal figure in the realm of contemporary art and activism, leaving a lasting impact on both fields.